Glass bead gun
Type JL3 Patented

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With many advantages!

Pistolet billeur

  1. Easy to close, clean and completely sealed for all spray products used on the market with a granulometry of between 100 µ and 2 mm. (no loss of air or of beads in closed position).
  2. Its spray mechanism os fed externally or internally (usable with all types of bead tanks with feed by pressure or by gravity).
  3. Its flow rate is adjusted manually (no more need to use interchangeable nozzles).A calibrated opening corresponds to an orifice diameter of 4 to 10 mm, allowing a flow rate which is adjustable for all glass beads from 2 to 18 kg/min. (45 kg/min. according to certain products).
  4. It weighs less than one kilogram with components made hard-processed stainless steel and hard-anodised aluminium.
  5. Use in a vertical position enables it :
    - to be incorporated in all machines since it is very compact, measuring only 260 mm out-to-out, and above all it can be positioned just behind the paint gun.
  6. - to change rapidly the spray widths by refitting the gun at the same time as the paint gun.
  7. Its simplicity (6 parts) means that it can be disassembled and reassembled in 3 minutes with a single tool.
  8. Its bead diffuser (injection or dusting) allows it :
    - excellent transverse distribution of the dosing in all circumstances (even on cambered roads)
    - insensitivity to wind since it is very close to the ground (3 to cm)
    - to avoid paint deposits on the bead path, the consequence of which is parts where there are no beads on the strips.
  9. Its glass bead feel system enables it to be adapted to all pipes with internal diameters of 20, 27 or 40 mm, with the option of using an air filter, or not.
  10. It is fitted in place of traditional components with mounting adapters, and its bead feed orifice is threaded in 3/4 BSP and the compressed air feed in 1/8 BSP. A traditional fishtail can also be fitted.