Machine for marking JL510

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Machine de marquage JL510


Jetline manufactures surface marking machines in accordance with customer specifications.

The JL 510 is the basic model and comprises :

  1. Diesel engine Euro 3
  2. Bead storage tank capacity 2 x 200 litres to 500 litres
    - Vacuum suction filling, air flow-rate: 100 kg/min
  3. Paint tanks
    - One or two removable tanks (Jetline patent) for different paints
    - Capacity 200 litres to 600 litres
    - Pump filling, flow-rate 200 kg/min
  4. Electronic modulator with three passage cells, paint and bead flow meters
  5. Steering and articulated wheel based chassis
  6. Standards in force respected, noise level, ATEX, CE
  7. Machine weight 1,200 kg to 2,000 kg filled depending on model
  8. Rental and/or sale possible.